What do I do?


At heart, I am a positively dedicated and overall happy person myself.

My great and successful journey of an escort service provider is probably the very reason why I have been in the escort business for so long. So far, I have been providing an escort service for 13 years, and I’m still very much enjoying my profession.

I’m looking forward to every single meeting of mine.
I do tend to be still a little bit nervous but mainly excited while dating new clients. With the increasing escort provider experience of mine, my approach towards each of my meetings developed slowly through the years. As more experienced I got, that much relaxed, understanding and spontaneous I have become.
I am grateful that so far, during all those years, I had just mostly an outstanding experience myself. Besides, I am also very proud to say that I have many happy clients and many positive reviews.

I will be happy to provide a full list of my services after receiving a client’s meeting proposal request via an email.

No more loneliness…


I do like to use the widely used term “girlfriend experience” as that is precisely the experience, which I do want to provide myself. A delightful combination of social and intimacy time in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps a meeting, very similar to being on an open-minded date with a woman you like. I will be happy and comfortable to share with you enjoyable moments during your Prague visit the same as showing you the city and its treasures it hides. Getting to know each other by sharing social time together while walking Prague streets hand-by-hand, light touches, friendly flirtation in public could be lovely foreplay which could make us both relaxed and comfortable for the possible next intimate part of our meeting.

Or perhaps, light conversation over a drink in your hotel room may be a pleasant beginning of an enjoyable date. There is no exact step-by-step guide about how the meeting shall precisely proceed. Everything will depend only upon yours and my decisions which we will be making together. We can also, of course, discuss all those details together before our meeting via an email conversation.

Please note that I do provide outcall appointments only. Incall appointments are not available.
Outcall meeting means that I am available to meet my clients at their property, hotel room etc. If that might be an issue, I am happy to take advantage of an alternative solution.

Your Prague secret.


Privacy and discretion should be a sure thing for both the sides.

First and foremost, I would like to assure you that I do, indeed work as an independent companion/escort only. I have no employer or anybody else, who would help me to organise my agenda and therefore have access to all kinds of personal information. During the entire time, you will be in contact with me only, as all the communication with clients is done personally by me alone. I am also my very own webmaster. I am the only one with carolina-aurora.com domain FTP access, where the sensitive data are being stored for the time being.

All the data gathered during our contact are confidential and therefore, handled with responsible care. I do promise that I will not keep nor store any of your sensitive data after our ways will part away. After the meeting takes place, I am in use to delete all the emails and private data of the client.