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Most frequent questions and answers

Before you read through my frequently asked questions page, I like to mention the very important.
All the text and information displayed on this web page refers to my person only. Answers to the frequently asked questions are determined by my escort service experience, my opinion and overall personal preferences. It is most likely that other escort service providers may answer those questions differently depending upon their very own individuality.

independent,escort,service,provider,prague,prag, girlfriend,experience,gfe

Yes, I do indeed work as an independent escort only.
So far, I have been in the escort service industry for nearly 15 years, and I am still very much enjoying myself. My escort career began while working for a Czech escort agency of which I was a member for three years or so. Those were great years full of travels and new life experiences. Eventually, I felt it was time to move on, so shortly after those three years, my ways with the escort agency separated, and I decided upon working on my own as an independent escort service girl myself.

Being an independent escort means that I am self-employed.
It means that I do not have any employer, employee, or anybody else who would be part of my Carolina Aurora world.

For you, as for the client, me being an independent companion shall bring you certain comforts and benefits, such as a higher level of discretion. All the communication with my clients is done personally by me only. I am the only one who has access to Carolina Aurora’s email address and mobile phone.
Besides, I do also manage my website on my own, so all the content created, published and managed on my pages is made manually by me only.

It is evident that every escort, as an individual, manages their appointments differently, but the goal to provide an exciting and pleasant experience should be the same for all of us.

I believe that good and sincere communication is a crucial element of a successful appointment. By sharing your thoughts and desires, you may help me to understand your likes, preferences and meeting expectations. Besides, if you also allow me to answer your questions, we may avoid potential misunderstandings, awkward moments or even disappointments later on.

Regarding the appointment itself, most of the time, I propose to meet my clients either in the hotel lobby or in front of the client’s residence building. After we greet each other, I like to go with the flow, according to our mood and the amount of time, we may have for each other.

There are countless options for us on how to enjoy our time together. We may, for example, get to know each other by taking a stroll in the charming narrow streets of Prague downtown, followed by finding some cosy, quiet place for us to, chill and share a lovely cup of tea. An activity that could help us to lighten the atmosphere and make us both comfortable and ready for the following stage of our appointment. Or, on the other hand, we might take advantage of your temporary Prague accommodation and go directly to your place to spend our time in there instead.

There are no exact steps or guide to follow on how the meeting shall precisely develop. My desire, for both of us, is to have a great, satisfying time together as two easy-going and responsible adults on an unrushed date-alike appointment experience.

I am very flattered that you would like to get in touch with me, to meet and to spend some pleasant time together.

To get in touch with me to discuss our possible appointment, I will need you to send me your meeting proposal by email. I do strongly recommend you to contact me well in advance, just to make sure that I may be available to meet during your requested date. You may find my email address published on my website’s contact page.

To arrange our appointment, I will first need to learn the very essential information regarding your availability during your Prague stay. I will be mainly in the interest of answers to those few questions you may read, below.

Q: When exactly are you visiting Prague city, and are available to meet with me?
Q: What would be the desired meeting duration?
Q: What would be the most comfortable meeting time for you?
Q: Where exactly are you going to be accommodated and thus our indoor time shall take place?
Q: Can you tell me something little about yourself? I am always feeling more comfortable knowing with who I am exchanging emails and who is the gentleman who is asking me out.

Once we have discussed everything essential together regarding our meeting, followed by confirming an appointment with each other, I would surely appreciate having your phone number, which I will most likely ask you for. Me, having your phone number is not an absolute necessity, but it may surely come in handy. I may call your phone number only to notify you about my upcoming appointment arrival, or when an unfortunate last-minute change happens. Privacy and discretion are crucial to me, so I will leave it only up to you to decide if you are willing to share your phone number with me, or not. I promise to keep all the information about you as a person confidential, in my very own hands only.

Meeting an unknown person, especially during a date-a-like appointment, may be a cause of natural anxiety for every single of us. To avoid building up unwanted stress, I suggest you stick to your everyday routine, whether it is your daily habits, personal hygiene, or choice of clothes. What shall matters the most to both of us is to feel comfortable during our appointment. Be who you are, be happy, and be confident about it.

Your beautiful smile will give me confidence from knowing that you are pleased with my appearance and that you do appreciate having me around. Once I realise that everything is all right, I will get relax and focus on enjoying our time and pleasing you. I am not a judgemental person, and I won’t have silly naive expectations. All that I wish is to meet a gentle, kind person, with basic good manners, who is looking forward to spending a few pleasant hours with me.

There is, however, one thing you should consider preparing before my arrival, and that is my payment. Please do have the exact sum of money ready, preferably in a discreet envelope or gift card. As the payment process might slightly disturb the spontaneous date-a-like flow, I would like us to avoid spending our time together by chasing ATM and being distracted by it.

For more detailed information regarding my prices & payment, kindly continue reading my FAQ, below.

Yes, my prices, which you may see displayed on my website’s price list page are all-inclusive and thus final.

Unlike some other escort services providers, I am not charging any extra amount of money for individual services. I believe that as a professional companion, I shall be paid for my time only.

I do not have any hidden costs or city travel fees, and I do not request you to send me a booking deposit in advance.

Payment is always a very individual matter, and it is undoubtedly wise to be smart about it. I would not want the money transaction to anyhow disturb the spontaneous development of our meeting in any way.

Payment, always in cash, is most of the time made a few minutes after the beginning of the meeting, but this is not an essential rule. If my client and I agree to begin our meeting outdoors, I would surely not expect the client to carry the money with him same as assuming myself to be paid right away. I would most likely feel anxious for both the client and me for getting robbed during sightseeing. Do not misunderstand me please, Prague city is overall very safe, but Prague downtown is unfortunately well known for the petty crafty thefts.

I would, therefore, recommend to anybody to lock all the money in the hotel room safe and carry just a very little cash and a credit card instead. I have no issues myself waiting for the payment until we get back to the hotel room.
Do always have the stated sum of money ready, preferably in a discreet unsealed envelope or a gift card. Once being indoors and discreet, my clients usually place the unsealed envelope or gift card with my name on it on the table or some other visible place without commenting on it, and that’s it. Once I will take the money, I will surely notice you about it.

Also, I never ask or request money to be transferred to me as a deposit before the meeting.

independent,escort,service,provider,prague,prag, girlfriend,experience,gfe