Please, be assured that those pictures which are published on this page are accurate and mine. For the past couple of years, I have been using mostly very casual, selfies pictures to give you a good idea about my looks.

25th March 2019 – selfies

It is time for a new, fresh, up to date pictures.
As usually, those pictures are casual selfies of mine, made at my home, displaying my every day, carefree look.

14th July 2018 – selfies

Recently, I have been asked by one of my new client (thinking of you, R.), if I could send him some very recent picture of mine.  I thought, perhaps more of you would feel comfortable while seeing my recent selfie so I have taken one.

This picture was taken on Saturday, 14th July 2018, at my home, by me and it shows my look right before heading to meet one of my clients for a relaxed Prague afternoon rendezvous.

December 2017 – selfies

Little dated selfies, but I haven’t changed a bit so they look like recent ones.