Important Contacts and Information

From my very own experience, I am proud to say that Prague is a safe city, but you can of course never be too careful.

Most visitors of Czech Republic country experience no difficulties, but you should be aware of street crime and petty theft, particularly in Prague historical downtown. Despite this, please take note of the following recommendations:

| Store valuables and a significant amount of cash in your hotel room safe.

| Exchange money only in banks or well-recommended money exchange office – never on the street as this money is often counterfeit.
Many commercial exchange offices legally offer varying exchange rates depending on the total transaction volume. Unfortunately, most of the exchange offices located in the Prague, especially around the downtown are a scam. Before carrying out a currency exchange, read the fine print on the exchange rate chart and ask the exchange clerk exactly how much you will pay to change money After the transaction is completed, insist on getting a receipt.

| Withdraw cash just at ATMs with a bank logo or the Travelex logo.

| Keep a close eye on your documents, credit cards, handbags, cameras, etc. In the tourist hotspots and on public transport is an unfortunate high risk of being pickpocket. If your passport is being lost or stolen, you will first need to obtain a police report. Then, apply for an “Emergency Travel Document” from on embassy of your home country.

| Consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking is banned in public places (public transport platforms such as bus and tram stops and train stations; on public transport; in cultural facilities; in healthcare facilities). Since May 2017, the smoking restriction was expanded to ban smoking in restaurants, bars and clubs.


Czech Republic country code: +420 (also 00420).
As an example, my phone number is +420-777-111-253, or you can also use 00420-777-111-253. Both the mentioned versions are correct.
150 – Firefighters ( Call is free of charge. )
155 – Ambulance ( Call is free of charge. )
156 – Municipal Police ( Call is free of charge. )
158 – Czech Police ( Call is free of charge. )
112 – Universal European emergency number ( Call is free of charge. )

Carolina’s Tip:
Every lamppost in Prague has a 6-digit number posted at eye-level. Should you require assistance from the police or emergency services, these codes will help pinpoint your location if you’re unable to offer an exact address.

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