You, being comfortable and relaxed during our appointment matter to me.

There is unquestionably not any dress code or procedure you should take before our meeting. Be who you are, wear what you do feel comfortable in and be confident about it.
Meeting with a companion/escort should not be a challenge nor an exam. I would therefore surely not going to judge you according to your looks, your fashion style, your opinions or anything else. All I am expecting is to meet a nice person, with basic good manners, who is looking forward spending an enjoyable, relaxed few hours with me.

If you do not mind me to be blunt or very honest, I would also like to add that proper hygiene standard is essential to me and I do expect the very same from all of my clients.
I suppose each mature person should already know the necessary basic hygienic standards. But just to say so, as clean and shave/trim you will going to be yourself, that much I will be happy to show you my appreciation.