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Who am I?


independent escort service girl Prague,genuine girlfriend experience,pleasurable companionship


I am sure the photographs you can see on my website will satisfy your curiosity about my visual appearance, but the pictures cannot express some of the vital information which I will share with you, below.

I’m 33 years old European woman born in Prague, the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic. I am very petite myself, my height is 160cm (5,25f.t.). I do have a slim body but still with some beautiful curves at the right spots. My weight is around 50kg. I do have a pear shape body with a beautifully visible wait, nice firm bottom and little larger hips. I do also have firm natural breasts of size nb.2.

My appearance is very natural such as a next door type of woman.
Even as my very pale skin is far from perfect, I do usually wear a minimum of make-up myself. Regarding my wardrobe, I am very casual, feminine and unquestionably I do not like to look provocative in any way.


I’m born under the fiery sign of Aries (the zodiac), and it awakens stubbornness, dominance as well as a heartfelt person with my own opinions and a pinch of temperament in me. I can rejoice at small matters which gather around me every new day and which makes me happy and thus nice.

Regarding my personality, I might say about myself that I’m quite an easy-going person. I am very friendly and calm, for sure optimistic and I do like to smile, a lot. I am also quite a curious person myself, and I am being fascinated by many things from facts to fiction.

I am a great animal lover, and that is one of the many other reasons why I am vegan myself. Regarding my lifestyle in the city, I am admittedly not a party or shopping mall person. I am more of an outdoor person who appreciates exciting cultural events, architecture, people and nature itself. I am a believer in a healthy lifestyle; therefore, I do not drink any alcohol same as I am not a smoker.