My name is Carolina Aurora,
I’m 35 years old female born in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. I am petite, my height is 160cm (5,25 ft.) and my weight balances somewhere around 55kg (121.25lbs.). I am blessed with famine hourglass shaped figure, with healthy looking curves such as natural firm breasts of size Nb.2, slim waist, larger hips and round bottom.

Even although my fair skin is far from perfect, I am usually wearing a minimum of make-up as I do prefer the healthy and fresh carefree look. I am a natural brunette and I do enjoy wearing my very long hair in a ponytail or simple French braid. Regarding my fashion style, I like to look feminine, perhaps with a small touch of class, but in simple and comfortable way. Do not expect me to show much of skin while being in public as that is far beyond my comfort zone.

I’m born under the fiery sign of Aries (the zodiac),
and it awakens stubbornness, dominance as well as a heartfelt person with my own opinions and a pinch of temperament in me. I can rejoice at small matters which gather around me every new day and which makes me happy and thus feeling nice.

Regarding my personality, I might say about myself that I’m quite an easy-going person. I am friendly, calm, helpful, for sure optimistic and I do like to smile, a lot. I am also quite curious myself, perhaps a bit of book worm, often fascinated by many things from facts to fiction.

I am a great nature lover, so plants and animals are very dear to me. Due to that, and a few other reasons, I am a long term vegetarian and seasonal vegan. I believe in a healthy lifestyle; therefore, I do not drink any alcohol the same as I am not a smoker. Do not be worried please as I am not a fanatical extremist. I do not mind people consuming whatever they like, whether it is meat, alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

Regarding my lifestyle, I am admittedly not very fond of nowadays extreme consumerist ideology. I do not take anything for granted, I am a minimalist, and my philosophy is preferring quality over a quantity.